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Mes livres, je les lui prête

Remember that words like le, la, les, lui, leur, me, te come before the verb. Sometimes you’ll use not only one, but two of these words!

Je lui donne le livre.
I give her the book.
Je le lui donne.
I give it to her.
Je leur donne la pomme.
I give them the apple.
Je la leur donne.
I give it to them.
Je leur donne les livres.
I give them the books.
Je les leur donne.
I give them to them.

Note that lui, leur are placed after le, la, les.
But when we use me, te, nous, vous, these words come before le, la, les.

Je te le donne.
I give it to you.

Ils vous les offrent.
They offer them to you.

Vous me les prêtez.
You lend them to me.