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The FAQ page became a little bit longer than intended, so I thought I'd better post a more detailed description of some existing and upcoming features here. There will be some retrospective records first and then I'll countinue from where we are at the moment. Stay tuned! :)


What's new

31.08.2021 · Cached Tips

There are some trees that used to have the old-style tips and notes which disappeared later on for some reason — Duome will now display the latest non-empty set of tips for these trees, English from French course being an example.

18.08.2021 · Predictions

I made a few changes to how the tree completion date is being predicted and now there's a comment asking you to please, keep in mind that 8.08% of your lessons were... — note the percentage. Stories and some other challenges fall into this category and they are being excluded from the calculation. Everything that is actually bound to a specific skill id - counts.

08-13.08.2021 · Cached data...

There's an ongoing issue with Duolingo API usage limits probably due to some updates/maintenance inside Duolingo, I'm waiting for a solution from Duolingo Team; for the time being Duome mostly displays your recently cached data. I have some ideas about how it could all be optimized *big time*, but there's not too much that can be done without Duolingo Dev Team support, so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a solution sooner than later. I'll give you more details as soon as I get the answers..

August 14 update: it seems to be ok now, but I'll need to watch it more closely and do some testing to be on the safe side. There may still be some limitations for a little while.