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Streak Hall of Fame
Learning Zulu
from any language

This list is based on a smaller subset of Duolingo users, mainly those who somehow happened to get listed in the Streak Hall of Fame with a 100+ days streak, excluding those who never went further than level 1 in a given language, for this very reason the overall statistics data is indeed more or less off and the judgements you can make based on these lists would be more or less biased depending on the number of users per list. Hope this helps.

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panyamnyenyekevu249 25 128141
Zanele120529219 22 19002
Irrational345120 12 4575
KatjaJac110 11 3093
Azhdaha89 9 2202
cjmeyer9679 8 1541
NathanMash379 8 1433
a1211js59 6 741
Kevin-A-L49 5 430
nanakatana49 5 389
afraley139 4 204